Psoriasis Clinical Trials

Do I Qualify for a Psoriasis Clinical Trial?

We have several Psoriasis studies ongoing here at the Dermatology Clinical Research Center of San Antonio. Psoriasis is a flaking of the skin. The skin produces cells at an abnormal rate. the skin thickens, flakes, and it can itch, and even be rashy.

If you think you may have Psoriasis, come in. We can look at you, and see if you possibly do, in fact, have Psoriasis.

Being in a research study is very easy. We will take your history, and a physician will do a physical exam. At that point we will make a determination if you are a candidate for one of the studies. If we think you are, then you’ll sit down with the team, and we’ll go over the various aspects of the study. This includes the study visits, all the procedures that are performed, as well as your compensation for being in the research study.

The study is beneficial, not only to yourself, but also to people like you, and people who have Psoriasis often have others in their family with it too.

If you are interested please give us a call.

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